Fire Up Your Business With Unicloud

Engage your team and colloborate on a new level</br> with a simple to manage interface and exapndable system.

Unicloud the easy way to engage, comunicate and develop teams.

We have developed a simple and easy to use system that will have you managing your business cloud in no time at all within your own team. Unicloud has simple to use intuitive interfaces that will allow you to grow and develop your solution as you see fit.

See below for the key features that are included in Unicloud.


Industry leading SCORM compliant Elearning built right in with simple user interface to get you up and running quickly. Course management.

Blog / Newsletters

Dynamic content publishing platform, suitable for all sort of blogging style which is carefully curated to be uniquely yours. Empowering your content with a touch with elegance and sophistication!


Map your stores / offices or even competitors  ,with any filters you want and sophisticated search function with directions.

Document / File Manager

It's essentially like managing files on your desktop file browser. For example you can change the order, change levels of file categories, move, copy and order files with drag'n drop.


Easy to use forums for your teams to discuss and manage projects ,totally integrated with Unicloud social activity


Simply create sophisticated forms for any aspect of your business ,export the information to excel. Includes a fully responsive design for mobile and automation for your business.

Helpdesk and Knowledgebase

A help desk ticketing system will allow you to provide prompt and efficient support to your clients/ team.  with an integrated knowledgebase system, thus allowing staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.


Create extra pages for your site easily from the frontend or backend using the drag and drop interface. You will have easy to use and sophisticated pages on your company site in no time.

Report and Table Builder

display tables and reports on your Unicloud site with a slick modern interface.

Media Gallery

Drag and drop multimedia gallery to share business events and activities or any other form of media to be shared

Social Engagement

Roll it all together with the most powerful social engagement tool available, With newsfeeds , pages ,events , polls , gamification and much more . If your team use facebook they will feel right at home here.

Built-in Firewall

Leading security built right into your site with a sophisticated firewall to keep your information safe and even control accessibility from different countries and IP addresses. Automatically block attacks.

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