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Push Notifications

Integrates with one of the most reputable push notification provider which notifies subscribers when a post is published.

Content Blocks

Easy to use drag & drop, content builder to simplify day to day composing experience on your site.


Keep a history of changes on the post and switch between revisions back and forth without all the hassles.

Team Blogging

Form teams and create amazing content together, encourage teamwork and brainstroming relevant content for your target audience.


Let people know where you've been up to and where your blog was posted from, location will also give that extra bit of knowledge for your visitors.

Password Protection

Secure your private blogs with passwords because the world doesn't need to know everything. Passwords can help you limit your blogs to certain viewers only.

Dynamic content publishing platform, suitable for all sort of blogging style which is carefully curated to be uniquely yours. Empowering your content with a touch with elegance and sophistication!

Sleek Composer

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Designed for sleek composing and publishing experience for authors on your site to produce the best articles ever.

Auto Postings

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Automation is vital for most blogs these days. Automatically publish posts directly to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Content Builder

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Design amazing posts and make it uniquely yours with our drag & drop blocks on the editor, giving you full control of your site content.

Media Management Made Easy

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Simple Uploader

You can now upload multiple files with one click, just drag and drop files onto the media manager.


Inserting galleries into the post is now as simple as selecting multiple images and inserting it into the post.


Media files are organized based on the post and managing your media has never been easier.

Seamless Integrations

Extend your blog seamlessly with these extensive list of integrations.

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EasyBlog - Reactions
Be expressive with post reactions. Readers on your site can now react on your post.

Beautiful Layouts

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Over 10 different layouts that you may choose from to render posts on the site.

PDF Viewer

EasyBlog - PDF Viewer
You can directly embed a PDF document right on your blog post. Your viewers no longer need to download or render them on a new page.

Facebook Posts

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You can now embed your favorite Facebook posts simply by copying the link to the post and the built-in composer editor will automagically render its content.

Mobile Authoring Experience

With the new mobile authoring experience, authors are able to compose their posts with their mobile device almost effortlessly.
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Other Features In EasyBlog


Membership Integrations

EasyBlog works with PayPlans to form a membership website with restricted access to blogs. This integration can limit which member(s) with specific membership to have access to view the blogs.

Social Network Capabilities

Add blogging capabilities for your social network. EasyBlog integrates smoothly in online communities created with EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder and JomWall in your Joomla website.

Custom Workflow

With the built in access control in EasyBlog, you can setup a custom workflow for authors on the site. This allows you to moderate posts that are contributed by your authors.

Comments Integrations

Choose either built-in comment system or third party ones from Disqus, Intense Debate, Facebook Comments, JA Comment, RSComments, JComments, Compojoom Comments and Komento.

MailChimp Integration

Uses MailChimp to handle all email alerts that will notifying all subscribers whenever new blogs are published.

Templates Compatibility

Use popular Joomla templates from RocketTheme, JoomlArt, JoomShaper, BowThemes, ThemeXpert, GavickPro, YooTheme, Shape5, You!Joomla, JoomlaShack, JoomlaShine and more.


While creating content for your site, why not monetized your blogs with relevant advertisements empowered by Google Adsence.

SEO Friendly

EasyBlog can support iJoomla SEO, sh404SEF, JoomSEF, MijoSEF, AceSEF and SEFAdvance to make your permalinks optimized for SEO purpose. EasyBlog also support Dynamic404 for redirecting broken links to the active ones.

Remote Authoring

Not with your home computer but need to get that blog up? Use tools with XML-RPC support like Windows Live Writer, ScribeFire and MarsEdit to blog remotely and instantly.

Feed Importer

Ever wanted to automate the creation of posts on your site? With EasyBlog, it comes with a feed importer pre-installed. You can now automate content generator on your site.


Don't be afraid of losing your old blogs! Migrate from K2, ZOO, Blogger or even Wordpress, with a click of a button. It's super easy!