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Features - Editor

The New Forum View

Modern, well organized, and easy to use forum layout.

  • Post Anonymously
    Site users now have the option to post discussions anonymously. Rest assured that users privacy are in good hands.
  • Featured Item
    You can highlight important discussions and display them in the forum front page to gain more exposure.
  • Exclusive Moderator Back-end Posts
    Moderators are able to post discussions from the back-end.
Features - Editor

Improved Administration

Unifying all extensions with the same DNA, enhanced usability and functionality.

  • Revamped back-end
    Easy to access dashboard with improved layout for better site management.
  • Improved ACL
    Be in complete control of your forum with the built-in access control lists (ACL). You can set certain restrictions to certain user or user groups to what they can do in the discussions.
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300% Speed Improvements

EasyDiscuss has small footprints for javascripts and it optimize on sql queries for the entire code base; thus resulting in boasting page loads nearly three times faster compared to EasyDiscuss 3.x.


Features - Editor


Engaging and interactive conversation layout for site users.

  • Improved Layout
    Get better acquainted with another users with the newly improved private messages layout.
  • Easy Navigation
    Users can now send messages directly without needing to go Profile page.
Features - Editor

Company Workflow

Essential for any sites that handles multiple timezone and public holidays.

  • Public Holidays
    Create, edit and publish public holidays in which your country observes.
  • Time Management
    Display operational hours or public holidays for your company on the forums.
Features - Editor

Moderation Workflow

Promote efficiency on tasks assignment with ease.

  • Custom Workflow
    Assign tasks on specific category for different roles on site.
  • Email Notification
    Receive email notification for discussion replies or when there are task are assigned to you.
  • Stats Overview
    A statistical graph shows the overall view of the task completed in a week.
Features - Editor

Email Digest

Receive emails for a specific range of time for every action performed on the site.

  • Post Activity Summary
    Users have the option to subscribe a summary of post activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Better Subscription Control
    Users can get control of contents you would like to receive in your subscription.
Features - Editor

Prioritizing Tickets

A must have for any advanced support or helpdesk ticketing system.

  • Ticket Priorities
    Allow users to set priorities for each of their posts to better manage your tickets.
  • Private Tickets
    Users who prefers private discussion can now mark their discussions as private.
Features - Editor

Cloud Integration: Amazon S3

Storing of attachments at a remote storage made possible.

  • Attachments
    Built-in cloud storage allows the forum to offload file attachments to a remote storage such as Amazon S3


Features - Editor

A Must Have Social Integrations

Get more sessions by sharing your posts on social media.

  • More Autoposting Places
    Telegram, Gist, Slack, Wunderlist and LinkedIn integration.
  • JFBConnect integration
    Registration made easy using reputable extensions such as JFBConnect to allow visitors to sign up with their social profile.
  • Expand The Possibilities
    You can do so much more with EasyDiscuss with EasySocial, EasyBlog, Komento, Alpha User Points, Google Adsense and many more.
Features - Editor

Moderation Tool

Banning users from the front end, permanently or for a short period of time.

  • Spam Control
    Keep your discussions clean and free from annoying spam. It works with ReCaptcha and Akismet too.
  • Word Filtering
    Keep profanity away and have a safe forum that gives positive vibe to your users by automatically filtering words that may hurt.
Features - Editor

Ratings Engine

The tools you need to increase user engagements on your site.

  • Star Ratings
    Reward discussions up to 5 stars. It's a thoughtful way to make owner of the discussion feel appreciated.
  • Votings
    Users are able to cast their votes on a favorite post or reply.