Media Gallery

Manage Images and Galleries From Content

Manage images and galleries from article

Droppics is a complete and unique solution to manage all images and galleries from the component or from your text editor with a single button. It also works in the same way in Joomla's frontend. You can also import Joomla existing media from Joomla in Droppics with a dedicated importer.


Gallery Themes and Image Design

Theme settings per gallery

Droppics has got 6 designed themes for galleries and you can apply a theme in one click. You can also adjust the design as you wish for single images:

  • Image margins
  • Image border
  • Image border radius
  • Image shadow
  • Image caption
  • Image lightbox or link
  • Image SEO information: file name, title and alt information


Image Smart Resizing and Custom Sizes

Custom image size defined as default or on fly by image

Droppics handles by default 3 image sizes with an automatic resize on upload: original, large and thumbnail sizes. You can also create your own custom size on upload or after image upload. Original images are preserved and you can even edit images (crop, resize, apply effects...) after resize.


Image and Video Multi-Level Galleries

Multi level galleries management

With Droppics, you can manage galleries and sub galleries using drag'n drop, and the same process applies to order images. What's more, frontend gallery navigation is AJAX-based, without reloading the page.


Images Watermark

Image automatic watermark

Droppics includes a watermark system (copyright) for all your images and it can be done in few click, even on thousand of images. Select a copyright image you want to merge with yours, the size to apply and Droppics will regenerate absolutely all the images with watermark included.


Manage Images and Galleries from Frontend

Frontend image management interface

Images and galleries can be managed from the frontend in 2 ways: Using the text editor button like in backend or using a dedicated interface with a custom frontend template. Droppics works with Joomla ACL, and you can define which user group can add/modify/remove images and categories.


Image Information Bulk Editor

Edit image information: Alt text, Title, Caption

Edit all your images information using a bulk interface. It's really fast and instant replaced in your content without opening a single article. Everythink is AJAX saved and you can batch copy some of the image information to all images in a click. Index your website in Google Images in no time!
Editable information:

  • Image file names
  • Image Alternative texts
  • Image titles
  • Image captions


Image SEO and Speed Optimization

SEO joomla image optimization

Droppics has definitively the fastest way in Joomla to load your images using HTML5 srcset property: Load automatically the images at the better size regarding the screen size (more info about srcset)
Furthermore, there's several features that enhance the image and gallery speed display and SEO like:

  • Real image resizing with quality options (not an HTML resize)
  • SEO editable information: file name, image alt and title
  • AJAX navigation
  • Infinite scrolling for galleries with a massive number of images
  • Compress images on upload


All Additional Features included

link titleCustom links made easy
Setup custom links on images to menu links, article, lightbox or custom URL in no time

file uploadFast uploader
HTML5 Uploader to do multiple and heavy image and video upload

file previewLightbox in one click
Insert a single image and add a lightbox on it in one click

user role editorUser access
Droppics is fully integrated with Joomla ACL so you can define user group action on your media

dragndropDrag'n drop interface
Move and order images and categories of images with drag'n drop, instant saved

slider of newsRemote video
Add and manage remote video from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion among your images

file accessSafe media
Droppics keeps a copy of the original image so you can regenerate new images when you want

single addonFlexible for multiple users
You can define default settings for all users or meke them accessible for everyone

color pickerImage effects
Apply some cool effects and filters on images (30+ are available)

SEO optimizedSEO friendly
Performance and SEO info are very important since Google monitors it. Use Droppics image info and perf tools

cloud loadingImage importer
An optional importer is available, you can browse your server folders and import media where you want

edit from editorCustom slideshow theme
A custom advanced slider theme is available with text hover image on each slide

wordpress frameworkJoomla framework
Droppics is fully based on Joomla framework. It has the double advantage of being light and 3rd party compatible

updaterExtension update
Maintaining websites with commercial extensions can be very painful. Droppics is GPL and uses Joomla standard updater

folder coverUser friendly
Navigation, instant saving and a drag'n drop interface make the extension user friendly