Unicloud mapping

Fastest and Reliable Map Extension

Add location from Google Maps easily

Add your locations to the component in no time! We've made the process as easy as possible for you. You got 3 ways to register a location:

  • Click and point on a map
  • Use Google maps suggestions
  • Type a full address


Location Search Flexible Themes

Map search layout themes

3 search layouts are included in the component by default, and you can use and configure each theme on the same website, so it's highly flexible. Of course all themes boast responsive designs and can be used on mobile, including the auto geolocation search.



Import/Export/Sync your Location Data

Import and Export your locations

My Maps Location has an in-built import/export tool. It's compatible with .csv and .kml files from Google Earth. Have you got thousands of locations? you'll never lose them! Furthermore, you can update all your existing locations from the .csv file.


Location Display, Search, Filter the Way You Want

Control layout of your Google Maps and search results

The location display and the search engine are very flexible in order to provide the best user experience possible. From a Joomla menu you can:

  • Filter the location search results by country, region or let the search world wide open
  • Add tags to your locations and then display them as filters
  • Force an address to be loaded by default
  • Force a radius distance around a location
  • Filter by category and subcategories of locations
  • Limit the number of locations in search results
  • Order results by distance, titles and dates

The extension also comes with additional modules and plugins:

  • Map module with the same display options listed above
  • A search engine as module
  • An editor button to add one or several locations maps in your text editor


Google Maps, Bing Maps, Mapbox and Design

Google Maps design and  different map types

My Maps Location have a wide selection of map designs and map sources. On the same website you can select and customize maps from Google Maps, Bing Maps and Map Box. It brings along hundreds of map design! Furthermore, inside the component itself you can:

  • Pickup colors and apply them on the frontend layout
  • Choose to hide or display most of the frontend elements

Frontend Location Submission

Frontend location submission

My Maps location allows you to submit locations from the frontend. It uses Joomla ACL to control whether users are allowed to create, delete, edit its own locations.

Integrated With a Lot of 3rd Party Extensions

Integrations with other Joomla extensions

My Maps Location integrates with a lot of Joomla extensions on the market. Moreover, since it's installable on any website, it becomes your favorite map tool for all your clients. Here's a list of all 3rd party integrations: K2, Jomsocial, Community Builder, Easysocial, Google reviews, Item rating, Komento, jComments, Ohanah events, Event Booking, Hikamarket/Hikashop, Flexicontent, Yootheme Zoo, DJ Classified, Ads manager.

Add Location to Joomla Articles

Joomla article geolocation field

My Maps Location allows you to activate location on Joomla articles, based on a selection of categories. Open a Joomla article, add a location and information, and finally use the location search engine.

Custom Fields for Locations


Joomla have introduced the possibility to add custom fields and group of fields. My Maps Location offers the possibility to use them in your locations to display additional informations.


All additional features included

dragndrop3 layouts
3 layouts for search and results are included by default and can be used on the same website

edit from editorEditor for location
Full WYSIWYG editor for location description. Add the content you want and call plugins in it

navigation in filesGeolocation
Geolocate automatically all the places nearby, works on desktop and mobile

reviewReview and comments on locations
My Maps Location is integrated with various extension for ratings, reviews and comments

file designDesign and markers
The design you want: select a map provider, a design and use one the 5 marker set included

file statRoute
Trace route from your location or from any address or redirect to the Google route calculation

Contact emailContact link
Add contact to your location with a contact form in a lightbox, a mailto link or a custom link

file previewCustom link for location
You can redirect users to a custom link instead of the location detail view

searchMultiple search queries
Find places with various search queries: Auto geolocation, type a location name or type an address

SEO optimizedSEO optimized
Each location has it's own meta information + a dedicated location page and URL

multi lingualMulti-lingual ready
The extension uses Joomla multilingual system and standard language files.

file importImport/Export locations
My maps location got an Import/Export tool for locations. Import/Export/Update locations from a local .csv file

wordpress frameworkJoomla framework
My Maps location is fully based on the Joomla framework. It has the double advantage of being light and 3rd party compatible

updaterExtension update
Maintain websites with commercial plugins can be very painful. My maps location is GPL and using Joomla standard updater

all addons3rd party integration included
The main My Maps Location extension package includes all the 3rd party integrations and features. No hidden fees, no additional addon!

file uploadCustom distance search
From the configuration, you can define the radius search values you want (in Km or Miles)

automatic cropMasonry word crop
Locations results list is based on Masonry (responsive) and includes an automatic word cropping for location descriptions

zoomAutomatic Zoom
The zoom on the map is automatically adjusted for your locations or you can force the level